b. 1992, California
Lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA 

2015 Art Center College of Design BFA, Pasadena, CA 

2018 Buoyant Bouquet, The Standard Hotel Hollywood, Los Angeles CA 
2018 Hidden Rooms, Art At The Rendon, Los Angeles CA 
2018 Our L.A. Voices, Grand Park, Los Angeles CA 
2018 Night on Broadway, Night on Broadway, Los Angeles CA 
2018 Cool Fun Show, Weekend Gallery, Los Angeles CA 
2018 Good Traces, Los Angeles CA 
2017 Quiet Please, Ace121, Los Angeles CA 
2017 Kid Knowledge, Los Angeles CA 
2017 Drawn Together, Art Share L.A., Los Angeles CA 
2016 Loosely Curated Show, Los Angeles, CA 
2015 New Eye, L.A. Art Show, Los Angeles CA 

2018 American Illustration 37, Chosen, New York City, NY 
2016 Creative Quarterly 42, Runner-up, New York City, NY 
2015 M Pickford Donor Scholarship Award, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA 
2014 Nancy Lee Rhodes Roberts Scholarship Award, Society of Illustrators, New York City, NY